1. Hermione Granger
    The true underdog. She doesn't have to compete with the hero, she just has to make some friends. It's a bumpy road but at least her path isn't predestined! Harry had it easy, man! When I thought Bellatrix was gonna kill Hermione, I literally "could not."
  2. Minerva McGonagall
    Crotchety old women are kinda my bread and butter. I sort of always idolize them. They're serious and focused and yet sassy and quick-witted and ready to throw you shade before you even know what's happening.
  3. Albus Dumbledore
    What a fun kook. Dumbledore's constant mysticism and nonsense really highlights one of Harry's lesser appreciated qualities, patience. Always a sucker for the quirky smart guys.
  4. Luna Lovegood
    There's always something to be said for being smart, fun-loving, easy-going, and creative.
  5. Oliver Wood
    This dude cares WAY too much about Quidditch. Like I swear he's even running drills in the Battle of Hogwarts (1998) or some shit. At least he looks good.
  6. Ron Weasley
    Ron is everything everyone wants to be. Lazy, gluttonous, fun-loving, poor but working it. All this and he STILL gets the girl?! Weasley Is Our King!
  7. Rubeus Hagrid
    Hagrid is kinda like that likeable buffoon that can never get it right. He's Neville in 10 years. (Novel Neville, not Transformer Neville, Matthew Lewis).
  8. Harry Potter
    I relate to Harry a lot actually, but I attribute that more to J.K. Rowling than Harry, tbh.
  9. Remus Lupin
    Scary werewolf, gave me nightmares. Severely less scary in the books tho. As mentor and teacher and father figure to Harry, 10/10 would recommend.
  10. Molly Weasley
    Thx, Mom...
  11. Fleur Delacour
    She's fabulous and she knows it and she won't settle. She's even protective of her sister and then her husband's family. Her actual good qualities are always overpowered by Ginny's constant and jealous complaining about her. *Note for anyone trying to turn people against someone.
  12. Nymphadora Tonks
    Always down for some laughs.
  13. Sirius Black
    Turns into dog and is pretty supportive, I guess. Kinda selfish though and not always a very cute dog so...
  14. ... Skip A Few ...
  15. Ollivander
    He's pretty whinny and cowardly in the last one. Like, we get it, your wand monopoly is over. Just retire and get over it like the rest of us! ☕️👌
  16. Gilderoy Lockhart
    Ok, at least he liked himself. That's more than Hermione can say, and she's #1!!
  17. Argus Filch
    Actually even scarier than Voldemort. But not as dangerous... cuz he's a Squib lmfao. 😂
  18. Kreacher
    He like kinda sorta redeems himself during the battle but his real intention is still a weird love-lust for "Master Regulus," not regret for Sirius... 😟
  19. Wormtail
    He's just a coward, really. But at least that's all he is. And Scabbers was pretty tight in the first two books.
  20. Severus Snape
    Everyone LOVES Severus after that made up sob story about a kid being bullied and loving the girl that got away. But I can never forgive someone who attacks the innocent, I don't care how many times he saves Harry's sorry ass, the emotional trauma he caused him alone the way is inexcusable, selfish, and cowardly.
  21. Voldemort
    It's really a question of nature vs. nurture, isn't it? No?
  22. Draco Malfoy
    Every rich, snobby, greasy, "my father will hear about this" character will forever and henceforth be likened to Draco Malfoy.
  23. Bellatrix Lestrange
    Psycho-bitch straight and through. Predictably unpredictable. I nearly shit myself when I read that Malfoy Manor chapter.
  24. Lucius Malfoy
    He raised a villain, he was a villain (when it was good for him), but then he lost his high standing when he effed up and instead of owning it he became a blaming-everyone-else, excuse-making coward that couldn't even stay committed to being a bad guy. 🚮
  25. Cornelius Fudge
    Power x Paranoia x Ignorance = 🙅
  26. Dolores Umbridge
    This bitch.
  27. Ludo Bagman
    Who even was this guy? And why? Ugh. His teeth!
  28. Colin Creevey
    📷💥💥✨📷HARRY? 📷💥💥HARRY!✨📷💥💥 like, SHUT. UP!
  29. Justin Finch-Fletchy
    Weasel. Straight-up whore. Snake. Hufflepuff.
  30. Lavender Brown
    "Call me heartless, I shouldn't even be saying this, but the bitch got what she deserved!" Hermione laughed. (Unreleased Book 8)