1. Beyoncé and her daughter walk up to me.
  2. Beyoncé says "We've been expecting you."
    As if I'm not the one that's been sitting on this damn beach for 6 days since the Aliens left with our World leaders, and as if THEY'RE not the ones who just arrived to this location, that bitch.
  3. I brush it off. "Hey." I say.
  4. Beyoncé looks a little put off.
  5. I assume she's used to being bowed to. So I bow.
  6. "Get up, please, you sad, sad man" she spits.
  7. I roll my eyes. "So let me guess. You're "The Chosen One" too? And here we're supposed to get together and repopulate the world and restore humanity? What's she doing here?" I gesture to Blue.
  8. Blue looks at me with a pretty offended face, which is fair, hand on her hip.
  9. "You don't talk to my momma that way! She is a QUEEN?!" Blue reminds me.
  10. "Right." I turn back to the English Channel and think of the long lost love I never got to across that sea.
  11. Beyoncé, being a mother, can tell my disrespectful, short demeanor comes from a pretty dark place. I did just see the entire world I loved obliterated by an Alien race that kidnapped Human heroes right in front of me. I was alone. Even with Beyoncé and Blue there, I was alone.
  12. She drew me in to her bosom. She shushed my tears and wiped my nose. She began to sing Halo. And then it turned into an I'm A Survivor mashup. It was beautiful. And I began to feel warm, happy, and a little less alone.
  13. "It's okay to cry, baby." Mother Bey crooned.
  14. Blue looked pissed. I mean she looked PISSED. You ever seen a kid when their momma holds another baby? Yea. She was totes pissed.
    Her pull-up was soaked through.
  15. I looked back at her and said, "Look, Blue. It's not my fault your momma needs me to repopulate this place. I'm the chosen one."
  16. This made Blue freeze. Her face went blank for a moment. For about negative one-half a second, I made her feel better.
  17. You see what I'm sayin'?
  18. She got MORE pissed.
  19. Blue pulled out a knife that was a little too big for her. She reared back the blade and stabbed me in the chest seven times.
  20. She switched the knife to her other hand and plunged it deep into my gut pulling me into the hilt with her other hand on my shoulder, bringing my ear close to her lips so she could whisper...
  21. "For The Watch..."
  22. ...
  23. To Be Continued...