Game of Thrones is IN.
  2. Ghost is like top dog of the Megastarks.
  3. Ghost wants to take you on a little adventure.
  4. So grab your human pet and let's head North.
  5. Say goodbye to Nymeria, she's a convict and has to run for her own life.
  6. But, like, good on her.
  7. She was just protecting her human.
  8. Not her fault that asshole was a bastard Prince.
  9. Good work, Nymeria.
  10. Bye, Nymeria.
  11. Say goodbye to Lady, she sucks.
  12. Say goodbye to Grey Wind.
  13. Robb, his human pet, is too hot to go North, he'd melt the wall.
  14. And Grey Wind is kinda a sick fuck killer.
  15. Meet Summer and Shaggydog, they're coming with us cuz we really don't know much about them yet.
  16. Summer's the white one that's killed a man to save her human pet Bran, who only kinda sucks.
  17. Shaggydog is black now, whatever.
  18. Okay, here we go. North, to adventure!
  19. Damn, it's cold. Shaggydog, didn't you pack a sweatervest?
  20. Oh, look, Ghost found that bitch of a Prince's hand Nymeria bit off.