@mlb this is all you need to know.
  1. 1) the pain won't start till about day 3.
  2. 2) don't eat anything solid for 10 days, that's what my doctor told me and as much as it sucked he's had great success keeping people from bleeding and I say it was worth it.
    When you're starving keep these in mind:
  3. — Carnation Instant Breakfasts
    Use 2 parts water and 1 part milk because the dairy will gum shit up and make life hard and weird, but if you use mostly water you still get the added calories of some milk, which you'll want and need.
  4. — look at pictures of food.
    This is like a self-flagellating atonement.
  5. — cold chicken stock
    I know, but like, you have so few options, and I mean, at least it's not sweet.
  6. — if they say no red food coloring, ignore them
    well, I mean listen to your doctors but we kept it out of my diet way too long, and red jello is the only jello.
  7. 3) keep your meds on a stringent cycle and mass the doses of ibuprofen and Tylenol.
    I didn't like how the heavy drugs made me feel loopy so I just stuck with the over-the-counter stuff and did pretty okay with the pain.
  8. 4) dissolvable pro-biotics
    You're gonna be taking in a lot of sweets and not brushing your teeth or cleaning your mouth. It's gonna be gross. I started probiotics when a weird off-white mass started forming over my tongue, I'd just go for liquid pro-biotics early on and avoid it.
  9. 5) don't psych yourself out if you spit out a small scab.
    I thought scab coming out of me meant my throat was about to bleed out, but scabbing will fall off periodically and it'll be okay. Basically they told me to stop calling with questions, "you'll know when you're in trouble."
  10. 6) once you hit 10 days:
    Semi Solids!
  11. — Kraft Mac N Cheese
    3 Cheese Shells or Spirals was easiest, swallow small scoops without needing to chew!
  12. — Rice
    A little more disconcerting feeling and hard to eat but decent.
  13. — boxed mashed potatoes
    Yes. Finally something substantial. Take small bites though and make them runny, the thickness is hard to push down and swallow so I'd try Mac first.
    Vacation time!
  15. 8) humidifier in your room and plenty of sleep
    Humidifier will keep things less dry and help you sleep calmer. Set alarms for your med cycle, always have them next to your bed ready with water to wash down the nasty liquid meds.
    Find your biggest glass of water and never stop. Keep the pitchers bedside and ready for action.
  17. 10) ask questions!
    My anxiety was in top form and talking to people who had been through it or calling my doctor when I had concerns kept me sane! I'm here for you! GOOD LUCK! YOU'LL DO GREAT!