This isn't a call-out, but it's about one.
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  2. Why your books always gotta know before I do? Are you just a clairvoyant rude dude? What's happening, @mindy? Are we in a fight or are we best friends? Why all these call-outs? I love you. I'm actually screaming inside this motor garage while I wait to get my oil changed because I pay for someone else to do this "man thing." Everyone is like 😎.
  3. Your first book was all "this shouldn't take you more than a few days to read, if you're picking it up and putting it down for weeks on end, you're doing it wrong. What are you doing with your life, Michael?"
  4. And I was all "why all these call-outs?"
  5. And now I get it. You know me.
  6. Bye, BFF. 💅🏼
  7. Cordially,
  8. Michael