1. Good Morning
  2. Oh God.
  3. It's today.
  4. Today's the day.
  5. I gotta get up and get out and go into the world and make things happen.
  6. I gotta plan 3 themed days for kids activities I'm running this week.
  7. I gotta figure out what the hell Minecraft even is.
  8. I get to go have my oil changed!!!
  9. I said I'd go get my MEASUREMENTS done for a TUX fitting for my college roommate's WEDDING next summer!...
  10. I said I would.
  11. I just should.
  12. I get a discount.
  13. Ooh then I'm traveling to a different suburb to have my tires rotated and looked at.
  14. What a day.
  15. Let's...
  16. Let's start with some internet browsing.
  17. Let's start on the list app.
  18. And then wormhole our way into the deepest parts of the Internet.
  19. Until these blankets and the Internet envelop me and I sleep like a swaddled baby for another 3 hours and spend my day panicking and driving back and forth like a crazy person.
  20. Goodnight, darkness, my old friend.