Inspired by @mattan and @ilana
  1. Zayn in vintage Mickey
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  2. This power-tweet from Lorde.
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  3. Kristen Wiig as Target Lady
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  4. This poorly photoshopped statuette of our Lorde Turner mascot we made last year for our music blog @barrierjunkies' year-end awards
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  5. #knowyourself
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  6. This excerpt of @bjnovak's Other Stories
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  7. Eggsy, challenging the fates.
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  8. Hanson
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  9. Dot Major of London Grammar responding with hair advice.
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  10. Sufjan #nofilter
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  11. Sufjan #filter
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  12. Jasmine and Raja done
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  13. Lots of Bill & Kristen
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    Cuz it's actually me & @lesleyann
  14. Screencaps of my likes on Instagram
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  15. Tina posing
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  16. Sufjan in Paris
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  17. Hat goals
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  18. Lots of New Girl
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  19. Tweets I send to famous people (@JimmyFallon)
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  20. Me and @marymurphy yelling
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  21. Hermione claps
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  22. Ellie Goulding feelin it
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  23. Pooh being shitty
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