None U monsterz better not find and beat me out to this Jobz!
  1. The actual one I'm gon' apply for and not get and then make a suggestion list about coping mechanisms:
    It's an assistant event producer position for concerts, events, activities, and festivals for a successful local radio company! It was like the shining light of yes the last year I've been looking and trying to find something or what Id be interested in, and found it. Will I get it. A RESOUNDING OBVIOUSLY! Lol BAI.
  2. Variety/Late Night Host w/ @lesleyann
  3. SNL writer somehow without trying hard with @lesleyann
  4. Music Venue Enterprise and Record Store Owner with @lesleyann
  5. European "backpacking" and children's book writer with @lesleyann
  6. General nomads @lesleyann
  7. Big Time Movie Producers and Writers with @lesleyann
  8. Live-Feed YouTube sensations with @lesleyann
  9. Autobiography Writer with @lesleyann
  10. Biopic adaptation writers and producers with @lesleyann
  11. "Twitter Genius" and "List App Genius" paid social influencers with @lesleyann
  12. Successful 💰💰💰 Music Bloggers with @lesleyann
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  13. Dancing Lobsters with @lesleyann