The ranking is at times very specific and steadfast and at times indifferent and just more about who's current. But these 21 artists GET ME.
  1. Sufjan Stevens
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  2. Kimbra
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    Yes, oh, the girl from that Somebody That I Used To Know song!...
  3. The Civil Wars
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  4. Ellie Goulding
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    Hate her and all her Insta posts 👀
  5. London Grammar
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  6. Lorde
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  7. HAIM
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    Sista Sista Sista!
  8. Sam Smith
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  9. Son Lux
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    Things get weird on Twitter.
  10. Banks
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  11. The National
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    "Your friends and family are worried about you."
  12. Until The Ribbon Breaks
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    So little chill on our account.
  13. Bastille
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    Somebody punch him in the face.
  14. Of Monsters And Men
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  15. Portugal. The Man
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  16. The Shins
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    I, love The Shins.
  17. She & Him
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    Get at me 50s vibe.
  18. Regina Spektor
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  19. Ben Folds
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    I overdid it, but.
  20. Coldplay
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    Do you know "Clocks?"
  21. Amy Winehouse
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    It's fine. I'm crying.