I got sick, like flu/cold nothing serious, and it might be a little melodramatic, but whenever I get sick I update my Last Will and Testament, just in case.
  1. My vinyl:
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    I leave all my vinyl to @lesleyann and duplicates to my lil sister.
  2. Chromeo:
    F698a905 8552 47b1 a706 68529e1e8546
    I bequeath this shinning shimmering splendor unto my younger siblings.
  3. My Beanie Babies:
    2f126f88 6daf 4805 baba 5903f465b0e4
    I donate all my Beanie Babies to science, or my personal Museum, whichever proves most beneficial to humanity first.
  4. My Disney VHS:
    C6ccb8ac 692a 4f64 9af6 6411d9e6c03e
    The only person I trust with such valuable items, @lesleyann.
  5. An Unfinished Masterpiece; My Study Abroad Journal:
    A27b403a 31f8 42f6 996c 71f42bd71e25
    This will be protected and cherished forever by the Hooley twins.
  6. My Booze:
    5998218f 2901 4af6 9aee 28180a448dcd
    To be split evenly among new List App family, @joemurphy, @marymurphy, and @k8mcgarry while they mourn my death.
  7. My Impossible Soul:
    E1930d38 07bb 482f 9639 8c2020197891
    To Sufjan Stevens.