Inspired by @marymurphy and others.
  1. Wingman
    Jake Johnson
  2. Personal Assistant
    Michael Cera
  3. Publicist
    Richard Madden
  4. Choreographer
    Jimmy Fallon
  5. Cinematographer
    Emmanuel Lubezki
  6. Party Planner
    Michael B. Jordan
  7. Wise Sage
    Thomas Brodie-Sangster
  8. Security Detail
    Taron Egerton
  9. Comedic Relief
    John Krasinski
  10. Rabble-Rouser
    Zac Efron
  11. Fashion Consultant
  12. Bookkeeper
    Lee Pace
  13. Personal Physician
    Liam Hemsworth
  14. Family Planning Consultant
    Michael Fassbender
  15. Private Eye
    Michael Gambon
  16. Music/DJ
    Calvin Harris
  17. Team Chef
    Bradley Cooper
  18. Special Ops Unit
    The Boys in Bluth
  19. Yacht Hands
    Hot Seamen
  20. Expert in Diappearances
    Frank Ocean
  21. Assailant
    Henry Cavil
  22. Nerd
    Dave Franco
  23. That guy that just keeps showing up uninvited
    Domhnall Gleeson