Please don't make this sleep end.
  1. Jimmy Phew
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    Deliciously lumpy and soft, 0 support.
  2. Cloud4
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    Fluffy and less lumpy than Jimmy, probably better for me but a bitch can't help it.
  3. Snorebort
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    Hard as a surfboard for when I'm not fucking around with insomnia.
  4. The Firm
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    Not quite as firm as the other, kinda like a less intense television series...
  5. Jack-Jack 1
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    Named after The Incredibles came out, these pillows have been around.
  6. Jack-Jack 2
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    They've seen things.
  7. Baldwin
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    Body pillow, sorta just gets pushed to the back until I really need versatility, but always there supporting me.
  8. Sufyawn Stevens
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    For looks.