BJ Novak has been liking and commenting on a ton of @lesleyann's lists. We kept joking about how jealous I was, and then today after waking up sick and missing a fun halloween party I help plan and coordinate for work, BJ Novak FINALLY liked one of my lists!... The one Lesley Ann made - 5 PHOTOS ON MY PHONE CHOSEN RANDOMLY BY LESLEY ANN.
  1. Denial
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    He probably didn't mean to like it, oh look, it's not even really mine.
  2. Anger
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  3. Bargaining
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    Lesley Ann, maybe you can put in a good word for me?
  4. Depression
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    I am just a try-hard sitting in bed feeling like shit. He probably hates me.
  5. Acceptance
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    I don't need no man!