Just some of the people I idolize while I continue to wear jeans and plain tees.
  1. Sufjan Stevens
    Desperately need sexy sneakers, working my way up to two hats.
  2. Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend, ya noob)
    Or, "Never taking one's-self too seriously."
  3. Eggsy (Kingsman)
    Posh girls luv a bit of rough.
  4. Dot Major (London Grammar)
    In need of a good jacket.
  5. Disclosure
    Buttoned collar, no tie! Or v. fashionable tee-shirts.
  6. Sam Smith
    Effortlessly slick AF, or effortlessly casual AF.
  7. Portugal. The Man
    Sorta club, sorta not.
  8. Max Hershenow (MS MR)
    Lots of color or no color, lots of jumpsuits or no jumpsuits.
  9. John Krasinski
    Converse meets Chic.
  10. Zayn
    Broody sweaters and cigarettes (yea, I don't smoke. I've had Subway though).
  11. Alana Haim
    Soon, I'll be her.
  12. Chris Mears