Just some of the people I idolize while I continue to wear jeans and plain tees.
  1. Sufjan Stevens
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    Desperately need sexy sneakers, working my way up to two hats.
  2. Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend, ya noob)
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    Or, "Never taking one's-self too seriously."
  3. Eggsy (Kingsman)
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    Posh girls luv a bit of rough.
  4. Dot Major (London Grammar)
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    In need of a good jacket.
  5. Disclosure
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    Buttoned collar, no tie! Or v. fashionable tee-shirts.
  6. Sam Smith
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    Effortlessly slick AF, or effortlessly casual AF.
  7. Portugal. The Man
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    Sorta club, sorta not.
  8. Max Hershenow (MS MR)
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    Lots of color or no color, lots of jumpsuits or no jumpsuits.
  9. John Krasinski
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    Converse meets Chic.
  10. Zayn
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    Broody sweaters and cigarettes (yea, I don't smoke. I've had Subway though).
  11. Alana Haim
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    Soon, I'll be her.
  12. Chris Mears
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