This list is sorta sappy.
  1. Carrie & Lowell - Sufjan Stevens
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    The "True Myth: A Conversation with Sufjan Stevens" Pitchfork article/interview by Ryan Dombal ( literally changed my life. And then this album came out and it changed my life. And then I saw him live (again) and it changed my life (again). Many near-tear moments throughout.
  2. My Love Is Cool - Wolf Alice
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    I eased into Wolf Alice, but the slow wading left me in water deep over my head. "Bros" made me happy cry and send gushing texts to @lesleyann. It will be played at my wedding reception and this album will stay with me forever.
  3. Blue Neighbourhood - Troye Sivan
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    Troye's said things here I have tried to understand about myself for over a year. Blue Neighbourhood's relevance to my "right now" is special to me. "HEAVEN" almost made me ugly cry.
  4. A Lesson Unlearnt - Until The Ribbon Breaks
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    I have never before so effortlessly soaked in the lyrics to an entire album in the span of the week after its release and before attending the concert and been told by the headliner that they thought we'd leave after the opener. That was new.
  5. Delirium - Ellie Goulding
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    This era of Ellie is Joy, Dance, Release, and Fun. It was a struggle not to put Delirium higher on the list, if nothing else to honor the number of times I just couldn't stop playing these amazing songs.
  6. Communion - Years & Years
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    There was something effortless about falling in love with Years & Years. It was seamless from discovery to first impressions to album and obsession. The album was filled with the songs my ears wanted to hear and my body wanted to dance to. Their concert was an important night for me. Communion this year, for me, was always about the moment just feeling right if I wanted to let it.
  7. Bones - Son Lux
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    I couldn't have been more impressed or put much more energy into standing behind this album when it came out in June. Seeing the newly additions trio perform live was exhilarating and inspirational. Ryan Lott's pure joy during his performance was contagious and beautiful.
  8. + - by Mew
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    I'm completely guilty of being obsessed with a long-running band's new album without ever listening to their original and older work. I found out about Mew from our mutual friend, Kimbra, who has a beautiful performance on this beautiful, fun, melodic album.
  9. Multi-Love - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
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    Another moment of non-hipster guilt. I jumped the bandwagon on this groovy album without knowing enough about the band's older work, and I have yet to still explore that work. This album, however, was weird and wonderful to me - it drew me in throughout the year.
  10. Strangers To Ourselves - Modest Mouse
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    Back to being a hipster. I loved Modest Mouse during the end of high school and during college me and one of my roommates would bond over songs like Float On and Dashboard. This album was full of songs that met every high expectation and delivered all-around. I put it right in with You're Next, Lonesome Crowded West, Moon & Antarctica, Good News, and We Were Dead for reasons I love this band.