My Twenty-Sixteen Favorites

Requested and inspired by @brimattia
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    Album: The Ride by Catfish and the Bottlemen
    @lesleyann introduced me, as usual. This album has everything, fast jams, slow ballads, love and angst, and the songs tell stories with great melodies on every track. We saw them live and it heightened my experience with the album, one I've listened to far more than others this year. My number 1 album this year with only Rihanna's ANTI competing for the spot.
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    Song: Gemini Feed by Banks
    The Greatest by Sia was such a healing song while I came out to my family, I listened to it more than Gemini Feed, but it served it's purpose and I will love it/her forever for it. But Banks heals me in her own way, with her presence and her confidence. She makes me a goddess, this was her best on the new album, I just can't stop listening, it's so good. Come at me, I've got my armor on.
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    Show: Ellie Goulding
    I went to way less shows than I have the last few years, highlights were Catfish and the Bottlemen, Broods with @AllyHainlin & @lesleyann, Mumford & Sons with @Northern_Orion, Kyle Craft, and John Paul White with @bjohnson9193, (the rest with @lesleyann) but the show that takes the cake is above and beyond Ellie Goulding with @lesleyann, we've waited for years, we waited for 12 hours on the lobby floor, we danced and sang and Ellie just killed it and smiled, winked, and waved.
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    TV Show: Game Of Thrones
    I've never grieved so hard for a fictional character. And that's saying something #HarryPotter #LongLiveMyRoses🌹
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    Streaming Series: Grace & Frankie
    A close second goes to watching Penny Dreadful with @Northern_Orion - but this year we watched a lot of shows, and Grace and Frankie made me laugh, feel, and relate the hardest. We watched both seasons and I'm so glad he introduced me to it. Jane Fonda, never leave me. You are one of my favs.
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    Book: Me Talk Pretty One Day - David Sedaris
    This book wasn't written this year, hell, I didn't even finish it yet this year! Regardless, this book was the most relatable, reflective, and important thing I read this year. Gotta finish in 2017.
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    Film: Pop Star
    The laughs and ridiculousness in this one were so relatable. That and the fact that @lesleyann and I connected to the main character and plot on such a personal level...
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    @list, you've given me a venue to express myself, strengthen myself, find pride, and find people who will strengthen me.
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    In-App Drama: The Beauty And The Beast Listâ„¢
    Thanks for putting up with me, thanks for the fun.
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    Movie-Goers: @lesleyann & @bjohnson9193
    It's a miracle we haven't been kicked out yet, and this year was a big one for the laughs, the cries, the shakes, and the screams. I love you both so much. It's showtime!
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    Go-To Gif Character/Persona: Cersei
    @joemurphy @marymurphy @k8mcgarry @brimattia you 4 are largely responsible for me finding my inner Cersei this year. Cheers.
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    I wouldn't be who I am today without you, I couldn't be. I might've gotten there eventually, sure, but not today. And not as lucky, and not as happy. My 2016 goes out to you, Ry. Xoxo