Requested by @k8mcgarry. And also I'm adding which of my List App friends each character would be. The fishies' ranking has nothing to do with a ranking of the friends; we don't rank our friends here, that's there's MySpace shit right there.
  1. Bubbles: #nochill
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    Would be @marymurphy because only talks in ALL CAPS, high-strung AF, and you'd be surprised but does not like Beauty & The Beast.
  2. Peach: draaaaaaags.
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    Would be @lesleyann because sly with shade and funny AF if you're quick enough to keep up.
  3. Bloat: welcoming.
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    Would be @emilyannlosey cause funny, mysterious, dramatic, and never one to buckle under pressure, but maybe implode.
  4. Deb: batty.
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    Would be @k8mcgarry: a wacky S.O.B., kind, friendly, extrovert.
  5. Flo: funny but not real.
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    Would be @tmarchewski cuz he goes with @k8mcgarry and like no one knows if he's actually a real person except @k8mcgarry.
  6. Darla: terrifying but rockin'.*
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    Would be @alys because she is a Rock Star Girl! 🌟 *(@alys is not terrifying).
  7. Nemo: cuuuuuute!!
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    Would be @joakes: cute, long way from home, looking for his daddy 😏.
  8. Gill: too cool for school.
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    Would be @joemurphy for obvious reasons (cool AF, witty, big nose)
  9. Nigel: likably clumsy and never stops talking.
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    Would be @dfly because always good comedic relief, never stops talking but man no one cares and probably clumsy but like I don't know his life. Aren't we all?
  10. Jacques: suave.
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    Would be @dustinboone because mustache and very wise and workmanly, efficient?
  11. Mount Wannahockaloogie: a frightening endeavor.*
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    Would be @sarahgorman because bubbly and intense (that sounded weird, right?) *(@sarahgorman not a frightening endeavor, v. approachable).
  12. Gurgle: is pretty chill.
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    Would be @daniellesmale cause she ain't about germs, probably.
  13. The Drains: a journey.
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    Would be @biz because a mysterious enigma until you actually see them, then they're just a nice passage to the ocean and/or a creepy Easter bunny.
  14. Chuckles: is Dead.*
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    Would be @LizDawson because she will never be forgotten. *(@LizDawson is not dead).
  15. The Ocean: vast possibilities
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    I want to become better, closer friends with all (most!) of you!!! Many more of you should be on this list!! Consider yourself the pebble that blocks the filter and saves the day, the scum that saves the day, the dentist that kinda actually sucks for imprisoning fish, the kid getting a root canal! There's always more fish in the sea, let's keep surfin' some sick internet waves! *Roll Credits*