Inspired by @alexim and @lesleyann
  1. In my car:
    Wolf Alice - My Love is Cool, this album is my everything right now. I can't stop, won't stop. It offers such a rich sound and commitment, and it's full of variety. I find myself wishing it would never end, and often start it up again after The Wonderwhy.
  2. Static
    Ellie Goulding - Delirium, it's my next go-to for the car. Every song, to me, comes from a real and pure joy. Ellie loves what she does, she loves the life she's been given and she shares it with her friends and everyone she works with, she doesn't take it for granted. She's hardworking and everyone that trashes her shows or this album or her music in general doesn't get it.
  3. Static
    Ellie Goulding - Halcyon, this is queued right after Delirium in my 6-CD player in my car. This album always gets me pumped up, the opener Don't Say A Word just rocks you down and preps you for one of the best indie electro pop albums you've ever heard. When it comes on I see Ellie on stage opening her show, having the time of her life. It played a big part in getting ready to finally see Ellie live two weeks ago!
  4. Static
    HAIM - Days Are Gone, I will never ~not~ want to listen to this album. It's cinematic, it's 100% them, they worked so long and hard on it and made it perfect. It flows perfectly and takes every step up and down, left and right that you need it to take to make it a true album. Listen to it, front to back.
  5. Static
    Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood, this lil gay white boy from Australia and his gay little blue album has saved me and hurt me and made me real and feel so many times this last year, I'm not gonna take it out of my car, maybe ever.
  6. On my turntable:
    I've been listening to my vinyl more and more again recently! It's so exciting to actually make use of the collection I've begun building. @lesleyann said it best when she described the physical connection of holding the record, looking at the notes, flipping sides and setting the needle; how it all brings you closer & more connected to the music.
  7. Static
    Sufjan Stevens - Age Of Adz, easily this album fights for the top spot of my all time favorites. Age Of Adz/All Delighted People was my first concert, ever. What a way to go. Sufjan has killed me time and again over. I love him so much. He heals me, he destroys me, he enables and encourages my existential crises. I want him. I need him. He's mine. Back off.
  8. On the Radio:
    89.3 The Current is our local public station that focuses on alternative, classic, and local music. The variety is unending and it challenges me. There are times I turn it off because a song challenges me too much, and times I learn and grow by keeping it on. They've shaped so much of my taste in music and introduced me to so many artists, old and new. They stream world-wide! Check them out!
  9. On Spotify:
    @alexim's Summer 2016 is lit! SUMMER 2016 PLAYLI.ST
  10. Static
    Follow me/us at Spotify, I use mine and @lesleyann's "barrierjunkies" account when I listen!
  11. Static
    I've been using Spotify primarily for getting ready for the Ellie Goulding show, obsessing about Sufjan, and listening to new music. Been a lot of Lil Silva, 3LAU, Sufjan, and Broods recently! Spotify is what I've always used as my means for exploring new music and making playlists and creating content like '9 New Songs' for @barrierjunkies.
  12. On my iPhone:
    Ben Howard - I Forgot Where We Were, this album is perfect for the moments I find myself on my iPhone for music, which is rare. Usually in a car that's not my own. It's a great album to share with someone, I think it's something easy for everyone to like, and it's so good.
  13. At work:
    The Lumineers - Cleopatra, every day I work at Barnes & Noble I beg whoever is working the music department to play our in-store Ellie Goulding Delirium sampler, but the other day Ophelia by The Lumineers came on - a new add to our in-store plays options! I'm excited to get to know the rest of this album better.