Ranking Li.st's 'Game of Thrones' Teams: Pledge Your Allegiance Before The Season's Done

With whom do you stand this season?
  1. 3 Episodes Remain.
  2. Probably the undead will break through the gates at The Wall right as the credits roll on Episode 10 and we'll all just puke.
  3. Or everyone will just be dead and the next couple seasons will just be hours of Bran eating berries alone in the woods and we'll all watch anyways.
  4. Regardless, let's all ally ourselves to a Character we root hard for, and see who comes out on top!
  5. Team Daenerys: 5 Members
  6. Begrudgingly @nelle chooses Dany from the long list.
  7. Team Daenerys
    This scene confirmed any doubts I had
    Suggested by   @ErinFlaherty
  8. Team Daenerys!
    Always and forever.
    Suggested by   @shainadesai
    Suggested by   @crackdkettle
  10. I'm with the Mother of Dragons!
    Suggested by   @Heartsounds
  11. Team Margeary: 4 Members
  12. ME! I am on Team Madge!
  13. I'm on Team Margaery all the way
    Suggested by   @xtineengels
  14. Count me in for Team Margeary!!!
    Suggested by   @mjdaly
  15. @emily_elizabeth all about MARGE!
  16. Team Jon Snow: 3 Members
  17. I forced @julieann718 to pick between Jon and Sansa because I'm a monster and this is my list, I control this Capital.
  18. I forced @LizDawson to pick between Jon and Sansa and she ALSO picked Sansa, kinda says something about the girl with the red hair, doesn't it, @nalivodka & @sarasummers212???
  19. Team Jon always
    Cause he's my same sex celebrity crush.
    Suggested by   @nashedpotatoes
  20. Team Sansa: 3 Members
  21. Team Sansa!
    Suggested by   @nalivodka
  22. Team Sansa all the way!
    Suggested by   @sarasummers212
  23. Hello I have thought about this for days and though I expect ALL my Ladiez to come through (esp. Good Kween Madge), I'm most Team Sansa for now
    Suggested by   @joakes
  24. Team Tyrion: 2 Members
  25. Team Tyrion!!
    This gif...
    Suggested by   @shanaz
    My life goal is for him to ride a dragon and then sit on the iron throne
    Suggested by   @vmacies
  27. Team Arya: 1 Member
  28. I have no idea what is going on but I am always team White Mulan
    Suggested by   @k8mcgarry
  29. Team Bear Island Hard Girl: 1 Member
  30. You guys there is only one team to be on at this point.
    Suggested by   @joemurphy
  31. Team White Walkers: 1 Member
  32. Team white walkers
    Honestly the night King is sexy af, who's with me
    Suggested by   @minabird
  33. Team Hodor: 1 Member
  34. Team Missandei & Grey Worm Orphanage of Ex-Slaves: 1 Membership
  35. Team Missandei and Grey Worm FOREVER
    Um can we please get a spinoff? I NEED to see them run away together and adopt a bunch children and just like chill on the westerosi country side gaddamnit
    Suggested by   @brynelle
  36. Team Cersei: Party of 1
  37. Team Cersei
    Please. Destroy. Someone.
    Suggested by   @TVAddict
  38. Team Meera: 1 Member
  39. Team Meera
    Aka if Ygritte isn't an option anymore I'll choose the next girl who kicks ass and takes names.
    Suggested by   @e
  40. Team Bran: 1 Member
  41. Team Bran Stark
    Suggested by   @Katlips02
  42. Team Brienne of Tarth: 1 Member
    At this point I'm about to name a child after her. The only reason I'm happy Sansa is still around is because it means more Brienne.
    Suggested by   @julie_ghoulie
  44. Team Oleanna: 1 Member
  45. Team Thorn: Oleanna Tyrell is the OG
    Suggested by   @yael11
  46. Team Blackfish: 1 Member
  47. Team Blackfish
    Surly old man who's had enough of everyone else's shit. Does not care about his nephew Edmure, or what his captors do to him. Also has enough provisions to keep inside Riverrun for two years ensuring he wastes plenty of Lannister and Frey manpower and time. ⚔🐟⚔
    Suggested by   @lesleyann
  48. Others?
  49. Add yours and I'll sort you into your respective teams! Help your character win!!
  50. People trying to stack their delegates in case Sansa gets herself killed: 2 Members
  51. I am Team Sansa/Snow!
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  52. If I have to choose, I'm going to say Team Sansa and Snow. One could argue that Arya is the same team (as are Bran and Rickon) as they are all House Stark.
    Suggested by   @julieann718