@lesleyann + @michael_circa91 (Not) Our First Collab List
  1. Group IMs
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  2. Drugged by association at Lollapalooza
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  3. PROM
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  4. Showing up at the New Years Party
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  5. ZAYN does a thing
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  6. Trying to get to Starbucks before close
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  7. Talking shit at Starbucks
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  8. Eavesdropping shit at Starbucks
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  9. "And that's when he told me I looked not ugly."
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  10. Too turnt at Noodles & Co.
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  11. Trying to be "Chill" before a concert
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  12. 🌀🌀🌀☕️
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  13. The morning after our existential crisis
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  14. Trying to save ourselves from each other
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  15. Asking the hard-hitting questions
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  16. When I post embarrassing things we do/say
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  17. When she pulls a quick inside joke and I can't keep cool
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  18. No Judgement
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  19. Plotting the demise of our best friends
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  20. Telepathically preparing to text about this later for hours
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  21. When she's slaying the fuckboys
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  22. Trying to get famous people's attention online
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  23. Queuing for Sufjan 5 hours early
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  24. Cute Boy!
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  25. Our Network TV Christmas Special
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  26. Puns
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  27. Cancer x Aries
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  28. That time I forgot my glasses!
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  29. Ted's Wedding, they're divorced now...
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  30. Fresh Cuts
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  31. Carpooling
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  32. Group IMs Again
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  33. 1/2 Price Pie
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