Get down tonight, uh huh.
  1. Hannah
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    Bitch never got enough solos but had the best one-liners in the show.
  2. Tina
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    Always v. nice, supportive friend, conflict resolution between the louder voices in the band, gr8 moves.
  3. Jon
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  4. Rachel
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    Sassy and sexy - Rachel always had the most romantic side stories and heatiest solos.
  5. Bradley
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    The comedic relief and all-around fun guy. Sometimes a little reckless but who didn't enjoy those episodes?
  6. Paul
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    Early years 👌 but he was always a little too sensible to be fun and kinda always had the voice of reason as they grew older.
  7. Jo
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    Always tryin to be edgy - but always kinda had me 😬