Songs I Got To Know (Or Became More Obsessed With) After The Concert

  1. Blush - Wolf Alice
    This song hit me so hard at the show. I don't believe I'd heard it before. And I got home and sought it out. I remember being disappointed that I could have been listening to it for so long before that night, but hearing it live first was priceless.
  2. My Song 5 - HAIM
    When they started this song, I didn't recognize it. Este's bass line gripped me immediately. Their attitude was contagious. I was lost in the moment and having so much fun dancing along to this song.
  3. Chamakay - Blood Orange
    I really only knew "that one song by Blood Orange" before queuing up to watch his Lollapalooza 2014 set, tucked back in the trees. His energy and the performance was so engaging and impressionable. Chamakay ran through my head the rest of the weekend.
  4. Seen It All - Jake Bugg
    This was one of the songs I was most looking forward to hearing when Lesley Ann and I froze our asses off outside First Avenue under the heaters waiting for Jake Bugg's show that cold Minnesota January night. After hearing it live, it became an inside joke that @lesleyann and I would start singing the chorus and pretend to play the ukulele any time we saw something crazy together. "I've seen it all... I've seen it all..."
  5. Teen Heat - Kimbra
    I really didn't have much appreciation for this song until Kimbra opened her show with it. She came out in a giant sparkling gold frays coat and started the song. At the most surprisingly climatic point in the song, she and the band took a dramatic pause and she tore off the coat to reveal her epic, iconic, structural concert dress. The moment hit me like a blast and blew my face off. I think of it every time I hear the song now.