For more @list hints and tips - just keep listing, it'll happen to you too. This is as much for my own reference as it is for yours. I'm no pro.
  1. Honorably steal a brilliant list 👥
    Press and hold the title of their list as you view it and it will bring up a new drafting page with the same brilliant list title filled in and "Inspired by @joemurphy*" in the intro! *Note, it will say whichever user you're stealing from, but in my experience, a lot of times it will be @joemurphy for some reason.
  2. Double-tap for ❤️
    Double tap anywhere on an open list page and you've liked that list! *Im not sure yet if people will notice when you go back and unlike it after accidentally double-tapping... I'll get back to you on that...
  3. Double-tap to ➕
    So yours and mine bff @lesleyann has suggested a 🔥 addition to your ➕ list... You can quickly add it officially to your list by double clicking it!! Pros like @marymurphy already know how to do these things, so don't think this is your cool new party trick, even though this is pretty exciting when you do it. Be cool.
  4. Quickly edit your published lists 📎
    Rather than having to scroll all the way to the end of your beautiful list you just posted only to have to start at the top again once you press edit, simply swipe left on the list you need to change while you're on your profile page. With this feature you can quickly edit or delete your list.
  5. Probably everyone knows these things and I just thought I had a really big day.