"Hi, my name's Michael..." "HI, MICHAEL!" "And I'm on a job search, a soul search, and, I guess, I'm already on my career path..." *support group claps*
  1. Travel
  2. Write
  3. Create
  4. Be my own boss
  5. Help others
  6. Impact my community
  7. Network
  8. Engage others in something they might not otherwise try
  9. Get published
  10. Buy my book in a bookstore
  11. Try new things
  12. Build and maintain relationships with people
  13. Make decisions about a project
  14. Coordinate a lot of moving pieces
  15. Collaborate
  16. Be respected
  17. Be a resource, a mentor
  18. Be "the go-to" person
  19. Impact youth or young people
  20. Volunteer & give back
  21. Be proud of myself and my accomplishments
  22. Meet new people
  23. Share stories
  24. Have a family, have time for a family