Thx @lesleyann for the input & contributions!
  1. Cersei - Yelp!
    Oh man, watch out.
  2. Jon Snow - Tinder
    He just swipes everyone left and sighs, hours upon hours.
  3. Arya -
    She's one of those people that was listing obsessively and then deleted her account and promised herself to never return to that life, that version of herself, but she's about to literally come crawling back to the life.
  4. Oleanna - Twitter
    Quick, short, witty sass, sharp as thorns!
  5. Loras - Grindr
    If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need only ask.
  6. Ramsay - Snapchat
  7. Sansa - Instagram
    Her filter fits her mood - last few years has been lots of pics of ships, sunsets, or Winterfell in the distance and tags like #maybesomeday
  8. Daenerys - YouTube
    Very yelly on her Vlog. Passionately Vlogs about taking back Westeros and the Iron Throne, Freeing the Slaves, gathering followers and "Click Here To Subscribe!"
  9. Bran - FourSquare
    He was all "HERE I AM!" and the White Walkers were all "ON OUR WAY!"
  10. Tyrion - Vine
    It's just videos of him drinking wine and laughing and he has so many views and followers?
  11. Varys - Reddit
    Thinks he knows everything first, fuckin hipster.
  12. Melisandre - Pintrest
    Melisandre is a DIY pinner.
  13. Sam & Gilly - Facebook
    INCESSANTLY posting pics of their kid and their new fancy clothes and hair and just hiding behind all the good things in their life to forget just how shitty their lives are all the time.
  14. Margery - Squarespace
    Started her own brand and aesthetic and is gonna do big things now that she has a solid landing page.
  15. Jorah The Andal - Blogger
    Lol, no one reads Blogger. But he blogs, alright!
  16. Brienne of Tarth - Tumblr
    After running a very successful cooking show on YouTube with Pod, she tried to expand her brand to Tumblr and failed, so now she just searches and likes shirtless pictures of Renly, Jaimie, and Cat without posting anything.
  17. Theon - MySpace
    His Top 5 alternate between Ramsey, Sansa, his Sister, Robb Stark and... that's it. No one else would friend him. His profile song is Bring Me To Life by Evanescence.