You Easterners are so damn scared I believe in you and pray for you. @joemurphy requested this list. #MinnesotaLiving
  1. I like don't even remember???
  2. We are so used to them it doesn't even matter?
  3. Minnesotans go hard and live to forget?
  4. There was the Halloween blizzard on my first Halloween? I don't remember it but everyone else does.
  5. There was the time we all drove on packed-on inches of snow and ice like it was an open field not roads.
  6. One time coming back from Grandma's in Iowa we couldn't hardly even see the snowfall in front of us, let-alone fellow cars. Everyone just kinda followed each other and hoped for the best and would all stop on the shoulder periodically like an apocalyptic kumbaya circle.
  7. We've had snowfalls of more than a foot in a night?
  8. Like multiple times in my life and again us Minnesotans are like - okay. And just sorta take it.
  9. I've made themed forts surrounding my backyard many times. The zoo was the coolest, it had an elephant arch my little siblings could sit on and crawl under, a panda bear chair they could sit on, an "ice rink" pond with crocodiles surrounding it...
  10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯