Don't worry. These are just some remarkable "I can't even believe it actually happened" collaborative remakes of songs by artists I adore.
  1. Florence Welch and Blood Orange perform Florence + The Machine's "Never Let Me Go"
  2. Gallant and Sufjan Stevens perform Sufjan Stevens' "Blue Bucket Of Gold"
  3. HAIM and Stevie Nicks perform Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon"
  4. I couldn't believe that Borgore collabed with Miley Cyrus on "Decisions" mostly because I was a big fan of his way before he was even remotely popular so I just see them as two completely different worlds
    Suggested by   @dubstep
  5. Also can we talk about Skrillex collabing with Justin Bieber and how did this happen
    Suggested by   @dubstep
  6. Ben Folds and John McCrea (of Cake, y'all)
    Can't find a pic, but on Ben Folds Live, John McCrea sings with him on Fred Jones Pt. 2 and it's beautiful 😭
    Suggested by   @lame