1. BOOK: Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
    The Pulse shooting and the politicization of the tragedy is still affecting me, so I put down The Bell Jar and finally picked this back up. It's acting as a pick-me-up; it's reminding that people like Mindy have been out there pointing out and addressing social issues that affect the country we deal with after a day like yesterday. That even when it's not been enough, progresses have been made, even when met with pushback and stubbornness. Also, that pic is a version of the love I seek.
  2. MUSIC: The Ride by Catfish and the Bottlemen
    @lesleyann & I are going to their show this week, so I've been listening up & really enjoying it! I've also reflected back on the Paris attack at The Bataclan's show for Eagles of Death Metal, Pulse, & other horrific events that have made our parents, & even ourselves, question or fear attending public events, movies, concerts, etc. It's hard to process moving forward, when, why it's important, how to do so sensitively, how to acknowledge fear without giving it power, how to stay strong.
  3. SHOWS: 30 Rock
    Friday, my boyfriend & I ate gelato in bed laughing our asses off to 30 Rock. We could have been out & about, our PDA could have made someone unstable irrationally angry. This is the first time on social media I've explicitly mentioned I have a boyfriend or said "I'm gay." I'm not out, this isn't my coming out. I don't know what it is about this weekend that made me want to say it, but the people I've met here give me strength. I'm proud, I'm scared, I'm unsure, I'm learning, I'm excited.
  4. LISTS: Solidarity, Strength, and Support
    For the most part, here, those who are ready share their thoughts, fears, reflections, and those who can comment to share their support. I've seen a lot of love and avoided much debate here, which is great, because it's nice to see people here not lose sight of the community most directly affected by this weekend's attack.
  5. A list of those killed curated by @lstblkgrl
  6. Static
  7. A list of how you can help affect change by @Lindi