A vanity list. Inspired List request, @joemurphy.
  1. Most Alan Menken Disney songs.
  2. Bullshitting and "Winging" Kid's Activities that were supposed to be Planned.
  3. The Ability to Laugh at Myself
  4. The Art of Self-Deprication
  5. Shamelessly Fanning over Musicians
  6. Harry Potter Trivia
  7. Mad Game with the Bitches
  8. Quoting A Very Potter Musical
  9. Pretending I've heard of a book/DVD someone is looking for at Stores or Libraries.
  10. Subtle Looks of Death or Dying to the Friends I can Trust to share my Opinions in front of the Perpetrator of my Misery or Done-ness
  11. Tagging @lesleyann in everything Social Media
  12. Likening Literally Everything in Movies or TV Shows to My Own Sad Life
  13. Sufjan Stevens Puns and Shade.
  14. Indecision.
  15. Procrastination.
  16. Obsession.
  17. Kraft® Mac N' Cheese