Tonight's Vinyl Playlist: 10/12/16

Time to find a job... applying's a bitch.
  1. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans 7" Bonus Disc Side A & B
    "I Went Dancing with My Sister" & "Waste of What Your Kids Won't Have"
  2. Sisyphus - Sisyphus Side A
    "Calm It Down," "Take Me," "Booty Call," & "Rhythm Of Devotion"
  3. Lorde - Pure Heroine Side A
    "Tennis Court," "400 Lux," "Royals," "Ribs," & "Buzzcut Season"
  4. Until The Ribbon Breaks - A Taste Of Silver Side B
    "Pressure," "Back To The Stars," & "Pressure (Interface Remix)
  5. Wolf Alice - White Leather / Leaving You Side A & B
    "White Leather" & "Leaving You"
  6. The Civil Wars - Between The Bars Side A & B
    "Sour Times," "Between The Bars," "Billie Jean," & "Talking In Your Sleep"