Versions Of Game Of Thrones Characters That Are Killing Me

Inspired by @marymurphy's 'Billy On The Streets' Game Of Thrones character game she brought to ALL CAPS with Kate & Bri. THESE ARE MY "UGGGGHs" that aren't always "UGHs" (aka I'm not even bothering with The High Sparrow rn).
  1. 'Short-Hair' Cersei Lanister
    Oh stop cowering behind The Mountain and just go kill someone you undersexed blood-thirsted sissy.
  2. 'Repentant' Margaery Tyrell
    Thank GOD this era officially ended in last night's episode. I am back full 100% Team Margaery. I never really left to be honest I'm just glad they're showing me I'm right. I think she's going to get her family safe and then fuck shit up in the capital and get back at Cersei, and I don't think she even cares if she, herself, lives or dies. She's my favorite character.
  3. 'Repentant' The Hound
    I am SO done with all the repenting happening this season and WANT BLOOD.
  4. 'In Braavos' Arya
    Bitch, leave.
  5. 'Getting Kinda Whiny Again' Sansa
    Girl, just because you got back with your bro doesn't mean you need to start being whiny again. And stop doing shit on your own behind Jon's back. That's the kinda shit that got Robb killed. Take charge Mama Stark. You went from one of the biggest UGHs to one of the biggest YAS, don't spoil it.
  6. 'Shrek & Fiona' Gilly
    So Help Me God.
  7. Just, Sam.
    Just always Sam. I will never love him and I don't know what that says about me but I think he's a coward and just fucking awful.
  8. Whoever casted this baby tho 👌🏼