An attempt at an exhaustively comprehensive and not-chronological list of Sufjan's lesser-known and collaborative work, beside his own studio productions. It's any hipster's crack-cocaine. Credit should be noted to @pitchfork (aka Ryan Dombal), the Internet, and a stalkerish obsession edging far past 'Love.'
  1. PLANETARIUM in collaboration with Nico Muhly and Bryce Dessner
  2. Gaspar Claus' ONE NIGHT STAND #1: Brooklyn "Harsh Noise"
    https://youtu.be/Nu754RS1T04 ... Sufjan also helps with buddy Bryce Dessner and Clara Claus' "Lines & Drones" https://youtu.be/8oPV4KbQNdY
  3. EVERYWHERE WE GO in collaboration with Justin Peck and the NYC Ballet
  4. YEAR OF THE RABBIT in collaboration with Justin Peck and the NYC Ballet (now being performed by the Pacific Northwest Ballet)
    2013 NYC Trailer: https://youtu.be/aKms2nc9JPo 2016 PNB Preview: http://youtu.be/STiQ_yXhWGc
  5. BEYOND THIS PLACE Kaleo La Belle's documentary film scored by Sufjan in collaboration with Raymond Raposa (Castanets)
  6. THE BQE a film by Sufjan Stevens (directed, filmed, written, and music by Sufjan)
  7. ROUND-UP in collaboration with Yarn / Wire and BAM
  8. MASTER MIX: RED HOT + ARTHUR RUSSELL collaborative tribute album, cover "A Little Lost"
  9. SISYPHUS (formally s/s/s) in collaboration with Ryan Lott (Son Lux) and David Cohn (Serengeti) - latest album commissioned for and inspired by artist Jim Hodges' 'Give More Than You Take'
  10. s / s / s debut BEAK AND CLAW
  11. Cat Martino's SHAKING THROUGH 48-hour filmed song-writing session for Weathervane/WXPN in collaboration with Sufjan and Chris Powell (Man Man)
  12. Cat Martino's "TAKE THE TIME" for Stranger Cat's Pledge Music reward flexi disc featuring Sufjan
  13. Honorary member of THE NATIONAL, and close friends especially with Bryce Dessner, Sufjan has performed on-stage with the band and also contributed various drum machine, instrumentation, piano, or backing vocals to a number of their songs including "Afraid Of Everyone."
  14. Bryce Dessner & the Kronos Quartet's AHEYM featuring vocals from Sufjan Stevens
    ^proudest moment of my life right there. https://open.spotify.com/track/7b9yQdKAWplMnMB6OSy7fU
  15. Gaspar Claus & Pedro Soler's BARLANDE featuring Sufjan and Dessner on "Encuentro En Brooklyn (Minera)
  16. Clogs' THE CREATURES IN THE GARDEN OF LADY WALTON. Another band of Bryce Dessner's, Sufjan contributed to the album and is featured on "We Were Here"
  17. Step-father, Lowell Brams' MUSIC FOR INSOMNIA in collaboration with Sufjan and Bryce Dessner
  18. Rosie Thomas' THESE FRIENDS OF MINE produced by and featuring Sufjan, Denison Witmer and more.
  19. Rosie Thomas' ALL THE WAY FROM MICHIGAN NOT MARS a Film DVD/LP project featuring Sufjan on camera and unreleased songs.
    Purchase: http://www.factorytwentyfive.com/ftf6/ Trailer: https://vimeo.com/7209542 R.E.M. "The One I Love" cover feat. Sufjan https://vimeo.com/6421830 via @pitchfork
  20. HIT & RUN VOL. 1 by Sufjan Stevens and Rosie Thomas
  21. The Roots' UNDUN inspired by and featuring Sufjan's "Redford" in four parts, 1) Sufjan on piano, 2) "Possibility" string quartet, 3) "Will To Power" Questlove (drums) and D.D. Jackson (piano), and 4) "Finality" recall to the beginning of the story
  22. yMusic's BALANCE PROBLEMS produced by Son Lux and featuring Sufjan's "The Human Plague"
  23. Danielson's BEST OF GLOUCESTER COUNTY featuring Sufjan in the band on banjo and vocals.
  24. DESTROY THOSE IRRITATING MEMORIES, Sufjan's short film with live score by Sufjan and Bryce and Aaron Dessner (The National) at 2010's Big Ears Festival
  25. Chris Schlarb's PSYCHIC TEMPLE including cover the Beach Boys' "'TIL I DIE" featuring Sufjan
  26. I AM THE RESURRECTION: A TRIBUTE TO JOHN FAHEY collaborative tribute album, cover "Variation On 'Commemorative Transfiguration & Communion At Magruder Park'"
  27. A TRIBUTE TO JONI MITCHELL collaborative tribute album, cover "Free Man In Paris"
  28. THE BIRD HAS FLOWN: 40th ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE TO RUBBER SOUL collaborative tribute album, cover "What Goes On"
  29. CROOKED RIVER an unreleased documentary film by Kaleo La Belle staring Sufjan and his brother Marzuki seeking to reconnect with their estranged father.
  30. Spotify Playlist on @barrierjunkies with as many of these projects and collaborations as I could represent: