Ooooo this gon be good - went to Florida for a few days with my friends
  1. I bought liquor from this store and the lady took my ID, knew it was sketchy, and said to me... "So you're turning 22? So you're already 21?" And I said yep and it all worked out
  2. We went bowling and I won goddamnit
  3. Im on the meat - @mason_mcnulty
  4. There was this magician in Miami that was such a thot I hated that dude
  5. Smirnoff ice
  6. Body shots that was funny but also odd but it was fun
  7. The friggen mondarin hotel
  8. I changed my profile pic on facebook
    Kafker: "I hate this... It's just like, here's my super hot girlfriend and im just lying here" - pretty true though
  9. Got a ballin ass breakfast and I made a dad joke "I hear it's award winning"
  10. Just
  11. Ordered drinks poolside and security came outside and I think I had a minor heart attack
  12. skrt
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  13. fucked Mason over in never have I ever #inthehotel #sleepingpill
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  14. skied the slopes
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  15. Kafker only brought boat shoes
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  16. don't deadbolt doors if you're tryna be subtle
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