A List of Reasons Why I'm Obsessed With James Mcavoy

This is honestly becoming a serious problem
  1. The Scottish accent
    He does a different accent in every movie I've seen him in but when he talks as he usually does it's just fantastic. And then when he makes his accent even thicker on purpose for a joke or a story or whatever it's amazing.
  2. The sense of humor
    Ive watched about 20 of his interviews today and they're all GOLD. He somehow manages to maintain his humanity and hilarity through lots and lots of press junkets, which scored points with me too. I watched one where he tried to get Keira Knightley to joke with him and I could not get over it. Also he accidentally said "shit" on the Today show which was fantastic
  3. The lovable movie roles
  4. The lovable movie roles, part 2
    He plays Jane Austen's suitor in Becoming Jane and I have to say the mixture of bad boy and head over heels romantic is really effective
  5. The lovable movie roles part 3
    He's literally Professer Xavier. The leader of all he X-Men. Smart and adorable and powerful and nice to all he kids he teaches... Lots of advantages.
  6. The hair
    Personally I think his hair is at its best in Becoming Jane
  7. The eyes
    Lord help me
  8. Just the looks generally speaking
  9. HELP ME
  10. WHAT DO I DO
  11. I'm going crazy and I can't help it
  12. Update: the poor man is getting a divorce. this sucks. Sending good vibes to him as he has to do a whole press tour right now and hopefully no one asks him about it