Cool Names for Dragons

  1. Firebeard
    I like this because it sounds very dragony and very piratey at the same time. (PS I can't believe I found a picture for this one.)
  2. Norbert
    Bless him, he knows his mummy
  3. Saphira
    Stolen from Eragon. Just realized how close this name is to "Sephora". No wonder I like it so much.
  4. Jake Long
    I can't believe how long it's been since I have even thought of this show. So many memories... But Jake Long is a solid name. It really sets up the cool, skateboarding Asian cartoon character vibe they were going for. It's a very specific niche.
  5. Smaug
    This one is fun because at first glance it seems to be pronounced the same way as poisonous, polluted air. Then you see the movie and suddenly you realize that you know nothing. And now you have to really stretch out that "au" sound.
  6. Mark
    This dragon is more of an office job, working 9-5 type dude. Who breathes fire.