Current SNL Cast Members I Would Date

  1. Mikey Day
    Hilarious and handsome. Did you know he wrote David S Pumpkins AND Space Pants AND the Kylo Ren Undercover Boss?? Also I just discovered that he's 37. Wtf. He literally looks like he just graduated college
  2. Pete Davidson
    My original SNL crush. This guy is adorable. And also now he's not on drugs anymore! What a development.
  3. Beck Bennett
    Beck is quickly becoming a new MVP of the show. He does a great Jake Tapper. Also he's younger than Mikey Day apparently, which I never would've seen coming.
  4. Colin Jost
    Colin came to my school to do stand up last year and did a great job. I think he's really good on Update. However I do not feel as passionately about him as Leslie Jones does, so maybe I should just forfeit him to her.