Inspired by @mindy
  1. When Dwight starts an office fire and Oscar climbs into the ceiling and Angela throws her cat up there and Kevin breaks the vending machine and basically all hell breaks loose
  2. When Kevin falls and spills his prize winning chili all over the place
  3. When Michael yells at Jan about the physical toll that 3 vasectomies can have on a person
  4. When Jim says that "The church was plan B, the boat was plan C, and plan A was marrying her a long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her."
  5. When Toby leaves his hand on Pam's leg for too long so he jumps over the fence and moves to Costa Rica
  6. When Dwight demands that everyone go outside to watch Michael pretend to jump off a building, and Ryan asks "will I be too cold in a long sleeve tee?"
    For some reason this always gets to me
  7. When Kelly says "I have a lot of questions. First of all, how dare you?"
  8. When Jim purposely tells Andy all the things Pam hates so when he tries to seduce her he ends up singing Rainbow Connection with a banjo in Pig Latin
    Jim and Pam literally do not speak at all in this scene but it's one of their cutest moments
  9. When Dwight, Andy, and Jim discover Parkour and Andy ends up in a refrigerator box
  10. When Dwight tries to talk to the police who respond to the disturbance call at the dinner party and they just go "not now, Dwight."
    You can tell there's a history there.
  11. When Dwight demonstrates an organ harvest on a CPR dummy and then cuts its face off and wears it as a mask
  12. When they trade Creed's apple for a raw potato and he eats it anyway
  13. When Ryan explains that he opened up a Word document for Creed and pretended it was a blog.
  14. Any moment when Michael's massive crush on Ryan becomes evident
  15. When Michael photoshops himself into a picture of Carol and her children and sends it out as a Christmas card
    A bold move.
  16. When Michael literally crawls back into the office to try and recruit people to join the Michael Scott Paper Company
  17. When Michael misreads a pizza coupon and ends up holding the delivery guy hostage in the conference room because he won't give them the discount.