I have been on ONE date in my whole life. But it was pretty bad.
  1. Things started out pretty nicely: the boy, let's call him "Tom," came to my dance performance on St. Patrick's Day. It was really nice of him! We had gone to grade and middle school together but went our separate ways for high school, so I hadn't seen him in a while.
  2. We texted for a bit and he suggested we go see the first Hunger Games movie.
    This was a long time ago.
  3. I was honestly super psyched because I loved that book! (Didn't we all?) So we decided to go to the movie theater at the mall that Friday.
    I never go to that theater because it's expensive and I always see people I know there. I guess j should've seen this coming?
  4. Anyways, he picked me up at my house, which was super cool because I have always been young for my grade so I didn't have my license yet.
  5. Things were nice! Then we got to the mall, and walked into the theater... And guess who we happen to see, going to see the movie at the EXACT SAME TIME AND PLACE AS US??
  6. Just some background info: To this very day, I have only been in an "official relationship" with ONE BOY. And I do not really count this because it was in EIGHTH GRADE. But still, it happened.
    And, like so many middle school relationships, it ended tragically via text message. (In case you couldn't guess, I was the dumpee, not the dumper.)
  8. And he knew Tom. Because we all went to school together. And they had actually been pretty close.
  10. And I was forced to participate in small talk about terrible middle school memories and the state of our local high school lacrosse teams.
  11. Just so you can picture this: I'm sitting on the left. Tom is next to me. My ONLY ex boyfriend IN EXISTENCE sits next to him. And his other friend is on his other side.
  12. I endured all of the Hunger Games movie like this.
  13. At that point, I may have considered fighting in the games to escape the awkwardness of my situation.
  14. And these idiots hadn't even read the book, so I kept having to explain why Liam Hemsworth had to enter into the raffle more times and why the Capitol hated the districts.
    Seriously what kid our age didn't read the Hunger Games? Wtf.
  15. Anyways, we sat through the entire movie with me awkwardly on the end, uncomfortable and silent.
  16. Then afterward my ex boyfriend and his friend invited us to sneak into another dumb movie, and I was like uhh no I'm out of here.
  17. And Tom and I got ice cream but it was kind of awkward.
  18. And then he dropped me off at home and that was it. I literally have not seen him to this day.
  19. At the time, I thought that the whole thing was my ex's plan to ruin my life. Like he somehow found out that Tom was taking me to he movies and decided to plot an ambush.
  20. Looking back, I think it's possible Tom organized the whole thing to just annoy his buddy, because he knew we had dated.
    Honestly I hope this is not true because that would be so cruel.
  21. But we'll never know if it was really a coincidence or not.
  22. Because I'm sure as hell not contacting one of them to ask.
  23. Giphy