Met Gala Best Dressed

Will this one contribute anything more or be any more groundbreaking than the others? No.
  1. Claire Danes
    Couldn't find a picture but this dress LIT UP what the heck. Probably would've made my list anyways but they decide to make it light up.
  2. Hailee Steinfeld
    I love this color and I was such a big fan of the dark lips last night. And the cut outs were big too.
  3. Lupita Nyong'o
    One of my favorite silhouettes of the night, and beautiful color, and THAT HAIR
  4. Brie Larson
    This is like a better version of Taylor Swift's dress. Love the dark lips!!!
  5. Alicia Vikander
    Idk what the heck Louis Vuitton was doing last night but for some reason I was a fan of this. May have to do with the fact that I'm slightly obsessed with Alicia Vikander now.
  6. Lorde
    She's a beautiful rainbow princess!!! I love how soft and pretty she looks. Big fan of the hair. This is so pretty. Pls release new music soon.
  7. Blake Lively
    It's just so lovely, and she's pregnant and beautiful and her husband was really funny in Deadpool which I saw last week and it was hilarious.
  8. Emma Watson
    I just love this picture of her on the steps. It kind of reminds me of the Yule Ball scene. Anyways, she looks great and I think her dress is made of recycled bottles or something?? V cool
  9. Sarah Jessica Parker
    I like this because it's bold and different but it actually works, unlike the stupid headpiece she wore last year
  10. Megyn Kelly
    I can't get over the silhouette. And I love her hairstyle too.
  11. Emma Stone
    This dress is so cool and I love the way it looks with her new dark hair. An example of this weird leather vest trend thing that actually worked I think.
  12. Lily Collins
    I didn't see this until just now but I think she looks so cool. It's simple but still stunning. Love the hair too and also she is the eyebrow queen.
  13. Florence Welch
    Flo is queen. This dress is so beautiful and fits her aesthetic perfectly. 10/10. Not sure who that guy is.
  14. Allison Williams
    This dress is so interesting and cool! Love the asymmetrical vibe. PLEASE BRING YOUR FATHER BACK TO THE EVENING NEWS
  15. Jennifer Connelly
    An example of a Louis Vuitton I actually think looks cool. Also you can't see in the picture but she's wearing these kickass boots which I love and were a big thing last night. Overall, Jennifer Connelly is one of my queens and I think she looked lovely.
  16. Lady Gaga
    I just love how she does whatever the heck she wants. And again, can't see but she's wearing the coolest shoes
  17. Karolina Kurkova
    Not risky sure who this is but the dress is unbelievable.
  18. Karlie Kloss
    I love Karlie Kloss. This dress is insane. It takes cutouts to a higher plane of existence.
  19. Adriana Lima
    Im such a big fan of tea length. She looks awesome.
  20. Taylor Swift
    I think Louis Vuitton could have done way better. There's something about the cut of this dress that is just not as flattering as it could have been. HOWEVER, she did an amazing job styling it and I LOVE her new bleach blonde look. So she gets a spot on this (not very exclusive) list.
  21. Anna Wintour
    She is so chic and she looked so pretty! I love this look.
  22. Tom Hiddleston
    I can't get over this