More Fictional Guys I Would Date

Reflecting on my previous list, I realized that I left off a few very dateable fictional men. So I took another crack at it. Here are the other fictional guys I would probably let date me. Obviously, I am starving for affection. That's not news.
  1. 1.
    Darcy, Pride & Prejudice
    Darcy's a tough egg to crack, but he is a cutie. The social awkwardness is strong with this one, but is that such a bad thing? It's kind of endearing. And he grows so much over the course of the book. If he proved his love for me the way he proves it for Lizzy, I would definitely date him.
  2. 2.
    Barry Allen, The Flash
    This guy has all the usual fictional dreamboat qualities: handsome, selfless, smart, etc. He gets major bonus points for his super cute outfits on this show. I cannot stand his little sweaters and button-up shirts and blazers and glasses and whatnot!!! Also, how convenient would it be to have a boyfriend who is literally the Flash?! I would never have to wait in traffic again.
  3. 3.
    Dave Rygalski, Gilmore Girls
    I honestly cannot believe I left this guy off my last list. Dave is my dream guy. He is so sweet to Lane, and he never gives up on her despite her crazy Korean parentage, which is endlessly endearing. He is insanely handsome but in a cute, dorky way, and he's funny too. The total package.
  4. 4.
    Robbie Turner, Atonement
    James McAvoy is SO HANDSOME in this movie. Apart from the crushing of my heart into a pulp, his beauty was the main concern of mine while watching this for class. And Robbie is probably the most dateable of all his roles. He's smart and charming and he really loves Cecilia so much. It's a shame everything else in the movie is a lie meant to crush our spirits and make us unhappy for the rest of our dreary lives.
  5. 5.
    Josh, Clueless
    Aside from this movie being a cinematic masterpiece and changing my life forever with its brilliance, Paul Rudd as Josh really has me feeling some type of way. His collegiate idealism is adorable and when he says that his club might get Marky Mark to plant a celebrity tree I think it's one of my favorite lines in the whole thing.
  6. 6.
    Jesse, Pitch Perfect
    My obsession with this hunk literally drove me to watch this movie every day after school for a week. If we dated, we would have a great time watching movies and working at the radio station and being acapella stars. Jesse's desirability is probably what kicked off my mild obsession with my school's acapella group.