Movie scenes that make me cry

  1. The kids' day with their dad, Boyhood
    There's this scene in Boyhood when the dad (Ethan Hawke) picks up the kids for the weekend. They're not being super talkative, so he pulls over and tells them he doesn't want to just be the dad they tolerate on the weekends while he drives them places and buys them stuff. Then they go to the park and identify butterflies and play tag and play football together. I watch this and literally just sob.
  2. Opening montage, Up
    This one's pretty obvious, but I put this DVD in late at night once and just hardcore ugly cried for ten minutes straight.
  3. Ending montage, La La Land
    At the end of La La Land, there's a montage of what their lives could've been like. There's a specific part where they go through the stage door and then emerge onto this Hollywood soundstage and they look at each other and Emma Stone dances between these hedge things with Ryan Gosling following behind her...that's it, that's when it gets me. I guess it just symbolizes all the beauty they could've had? I don't know.
  4. Last moments with his father, About Time
    I love this movie so much and when he says goodbye to his dad and they walk on the beach it's just profoundly sad. And beautiful. But sad.
  5. Final scene, It's a Wonderful Life
    "Here's to my brother George, the richest man in town!"