Normally, I do not make New Year's Resolutions, because I think they are dumb. But for some reason this year I have changed my mind. I guess my life has sunk so low that I've gotta do something about it
  1. Be more kind and considerate
    This is so important to me. Sometimes I feel like I lack the empathy reflex that others have...I want to work on that. So many people have been there for me this year and I want to give back.
  2. Be more accepting of myself
    Goodbye, incessant voice of self-hatred and criticism. You will not be missed.
  3. Stop eating so much and exercise every one in a while
    I decided that my time abroad was my last hurrah when it comes to eating like a crazy person and living a ridiculously sedentary lifestyle. It's time to join the ranks of normal people and at least put some thought into this area of my life.
  4. Stay on top of school-related stuff
    Obviously this is always a goal of mine, but I swear to God if I don't get myself into gear this semester there's just no point to anything
  5. Stop looking at my phone so much
    Self-explanatory. I feel like I'm getting bad with this. Need to chill out a bit.