Places I Would Like to Visit

This is mostly just a list of the big cities of the world and some random locations in Ireland. And I'm ok with that.
  1. Rome, Italy
    This is mainly because I want to make a wish at the Trevi fountain and then be mistaken for an Italian pop star. Oh and also the Vatican. But mostly I just want to be Lizzie McGuire.
  2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    I want to see the canals and bike around the city and go the the Anne Frank house.
  3. Paris, France
    Must sees: Eiffel Tower, Shakespeare & Company bookstore, the Louvre.
  4. Washington D.C.
    I've been here before but I want to go back to all the Smithsonians and take my time there. Also there are a few memorials I have to visit: WW2, Vietnam, Korea, and the MLK statue.
  5. New York, New York
    The city so nice they named it twice. Manhattan is the other name.
  6. Boston, Massachusetts
    Again, I've been here before but I HAVE to go back. I just didn't see enough of it last time. I want to see the historical areas but also just kind of chill in the big city. Though I guess once I've lived in Dublin and visited all these places I will have gotten a pretty sizable taste of city life.
  7. Walt Disney World, Florida
    I NEED TO GO BACK HERE. I am v grateful that my parents took me when I was three but come on people, I barely remember a thing.
  8. Dublin, Ireland
    My visit here does not count because it was just a trip from an airport to the bus stop and back again. Thankfully I am LIVING HERE for FOUR MONTHS so we know this one will get checked off.
  9. London, England
    I just want to go shopping here and eat here and basically pretend I am one of the British youtubers I've been watching for years. Must sees: Buckingham Palace (guards included), London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben. Hopefully I will go in the fall and visit my friend Megan, who will be there at the Notre Dame center.
  10. Tokyo, Japan
    I want to see the street style and just the life of a country that is so different from my own. This would be so cool.
  11. Sydney, Australia
    I want to go to Bondi Beach and do cool Australian things and eat vegemite.
  12. Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
  13. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
    These are so beautiful and I have to see them in person. I got a very distant glimpse across the water while I was on Inis Mór but it doesn't count.
  14. Blarney Castle, Ireland
    Have to kiss the Blarney Stone, obvi.
  15. Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, Northern Ireland
    The ultimate adventure.
  16. Donegal, Ireland
    I just have to see this place. I have heard so much.
  17. Dingle, Ireland
    Everyone talks about how this is ultimate cute-village Ireland. Must go.
  18. Ring of Kerry, Ireland
    Supposedly has beautiful scenery. Must go and take bike trip.
  19. Venice, Italy
    My grandma said Venice was dirty but I really want to ride in a gondola
  20. Yellowstone Park
    It looks SO PRETTY and I want to go out into the wilderness and see Old Faithful and not stick a bison in my car.
  21. New Orleans
    I want to go hear and eat food and listen to music and be in a place with a warmer climate. Just sounds lovely.