This summer I've been working at my local cemetery, doing such exciting and meaningful tasks as: weed pulling, window washing, hedge-cutting, stick gathering, etc. So as a result I've become a connessuer of podcasts. Here are some recommendations!
  1. Revisionist History
    Malcolm Gladwell's podcast... So interesting! He has a great way of getting you to connect with the subject matter. Makes me want to read his books.
  2. Invisibilia
    So cool! Podcast about the invisible things that affect human behavior... I learn a lot with this!
  3. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    I love the "what's making us happy this week" segment. Always gives me new stuff to listen to, watch, read, etc
  4. The West Wing Weekly
    Joshua Malina and his friend Rishi Hirway talk about one episode per week, and get lots of great guests to discuss with them! Great discussion about and insight into one of my favorite tv shows of all time
  5. 99% Invisible
    Just found this yesterday, podcast about design. Like the title suggests, it teaches you about challenges and innovations in design that you probably never think about in your everyday life
  6. The Run-Up
    Also found this yesterday! Just some quality political discussion, and some great interviews too! Nice to hear some discussion about politics that is intelligent and reasonable. (At least to my mind... I am not a political genius by any stretch)
  7. Stuff You Should Know
    This one's kind of fun. Nothing too groundbreaking, but if you see one that interests you, have a listen! You'll learn something.
  8. More Perfect
    Love this one!!! Wish there was a new episode recently... It's a podcast about the Supreme Court. Such a fascinating topic that I love learning about.
  9. My Dad Wrote a Porno
    This one is just pure silliness. Here's the premise: This guy Jamie's dad wrote an erotic novella and self published it, so he gets together with his friends Alice and James to read one chapter each week. The novella is horrible, but the podcast is HILARIOUS.