Watching Melania Trump speak at the convention last night got me thinking... What "official cause" would Melania take up if, God forbid, she were to become First Lady? Also, would Bill Clinton take up a cause? And, most importantly, what cause would I promote??
  1. Preservation of humpback whales
    This cause is pretty niche. But it's also incredibly important, because if we don't have humpback whales in the 23rd century, who's going to save us from the evil earth-hating probe??? NO ONE, that's who. (PS GEORGE AND GRACIE ARE HOLDING HANDS)
  2. Literacy
    This cause is cool, but Laura Bush got to it first. Also, didn't the release of the Harry Potter books basically fix this problem and force all American children to read??
  3. Girl Pockets
    An issue that affects roughly HALF the population and which I feel very passionately about.
  4. Prohibition
    I hail from the "Dry Capital of the World," so this is something I may look into.
  5. Mental Health
    This is actually what I'd most likely pick. Treatment, awareness, and acceptance of mental illness are so important but so overlooked sometimes. Seems like this was Rosalynn Carter's issue of choice, and she seems cool. She came to speak at my school once after a priest died.