Reasons I Miss My Sister

  1. When Siobhan is here, it is easy to justify why I don't have a room to myself. But when she's gone, her room sits empty while I am forced to sleep in a basement with my beautiful snoring mother and it just seems wrong
  2. I keep wanting to go to the store and thinking "I'll ask Siobhan to come with me" and then I remember she's across the ocean
  3. I watched Bob's Burgers the other night and seeing Andy and Ollie together made me sad
  4. I want to play Pokemon Go with her and compare Pokemon but tragically I cannot
  5. Mom keeps giving me these strange pieces of advice and saying Republican things and I have no one to roll my eyes with, because even though my grandparents are Democrats they are old and can't hear a damn thing she says
  6. I wish I could make Siobhan take my grandparents to the doctor sometimes but she's not here so I keep getting forced to drive them places and spend time with them and learn from the sage wisdom they have to offer after 8 decades on this planet...disgusting
  7. A lot has happened with T Swizzle lately and I feel like that's something we would've discussed if she was here
  8. I never feel guilty about eating Siobhan's leftovers because Siobhan does not eat leftovers. While she's not here I have no choice but to go straight to Nonna and Papa's food, which makes me feel guilty.
  9. I want to watch The Princess Diaries with her to honor the late great Garry Marshall but she is not here
  10. When Siobhan's here I don't feel bad about sleeping late because half the time she sleeps till like 2pm and that makes me feel better about my life choices in comparison
  11. Sometimes we stay up late and talk about stuff and watch stupid shows or hilarious shows or racist but funny 80s movies, but while she is gone my only companions in late night viewing are the dog and my grandpa when he leaves his room for his midnight water refill.