Reasons Jeopardy! is the king of all game shows

  1. Jeopardy packs A LOT into its 30-minute time slot. It does not faff around.
    I don't want to see any sort of drawn out conversation or video montage of a contestant's backstory. Let's get down to business, people.
  2. You will always learn something from each episode.
    I defy anyone to watch an entire episode of Jeopardy and know every single answer. It's just not possible.
  3. Alex Trebek is insanely sassy.
    Trebek isn't as talkative or humorous as other, more jovial talk show hosts... (Cough Pat Sajak cough) But he can get a damn good burn in when he wants to. And he can be brutally honest.
  4. Clever categories.
    Enjoy a good pun or a painfully forced pop culture reference? This show is for you. Sometimes I wonder how evenly the writers' time is split between writing crazy category titles and researching the actual questions.
  5. Contestant interviews are just short enough to be bearable, and just awkward enough to be enjoyable.
    Sure, listening to Susan's stilted story about her collection of antique spoons might be painful if we were subjected to a drawn-out discussion about it...but all Jeopardy gives us is 30 seconds of her rambling, accompanied by Trebek's transparent attempts to seem interested. Before you know it, he moves on to Chuck's description of how his pet mole rat got its name... And then we're back to the game!
  6. Every once in a while, a category comes around that was made for you.
    I've had a few good moments when this show made me feel like a genius. These moments include, but are not limited to: the questions about Harry Potter creatures, the category entirely made up of Leonard Nimoy questions, and the Final Jeopardy that was an obscure piece of trivia about MY COLLEGE.
  7. Sometimes contestants make some pretty good joke responses.
    Once, Trebek read a contestant's answer to Final Jeopardy and ended up unwittingly doing an impersonation of Sean Connery in SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy skit. Once, somebody put down "Kinky Boots." Once a college player just put "Who is some dead guy but I just won $100,000!!!" So the final can have some fun moments. (The more I read this the more I think that maybe Jeopardy is actually very lame and I am just easily entertained)
  8. It fills the void left by Brian Williams' departure from the NBC Nightly News.
    This might be more of a personal thing.