Rory's Boyfriends, Ranked

I just finished the revival and I have a lot of feelings about it
  1. SPO
  2. IL
  3. ERS!!!
  4. NUMBER FOUR: Paul
    They cast this role remarkably well, because for the life of me I can't remember what this guy looked like, said, or did. Also, it must be said that if we think about this guy as anything more than an amusing running joke, Rory suddenly becomes a terrible human being. So for my sanity, I'm pretending that Paul is not real. Much like Rory did, really.
    Dean was promising from the start, but his character just took such an unfortunate nosedive. He morphed into this whiny, annoying kid, and later on became an equally frustrating married kid. Even his and Rory's short but sweet banter in the market couldn't redeem his character. Good luck in Scranton, buddy.
  6. NUMBER TWO: Logan
    I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of Logan in the original series, but this revival really endeared him to me. And I know that he is still kind of an asshole...but he's a handsome asshole, and he seems to genuinely care about Rory. When he appeared to whisk her away in the LDB scene, I just about died. Also, we all saw that shirtless scene, yes?? Does this man age AT ALL?
  7. NUMBER ONE (on this list and in my heart): Jess
    Jess has been my fave from day one, and in this revival, he did not disappoint. He was handsome, clever, funny, insightful, charming...the list goes on. But you know what was disappointing? THE LACK OF FUCKING CLOSURE. I didn't need Jess and Rory to be married homeowners with 2.5 kids by he end of this show...but I did want some kind of confirmation that they would end up together. A longing glance at her through the window??? Bullshit. We deserve more. Jess deserves more!!
  8. That's the definitive, objective truth.
    Is there going to be a season two?? I need a season two. Amy Sherman Palladino, you gotta pull through for me.