Screenshots I Have on My Phone, Explained

  1. Heartwarming: Watch This Dad Totally Accept His Son Coming Out and Then Eat 12 Tacos
    No explanation for this but you can't deny, it's funny.
  2. Snapchat from Aileen
    She spent a lot of time on this and I felt I had to screenshot it for posterity.
  3. Graph of Age Gaps Between Tom Cruise and His Love Interests
    Absolutely fascinating. All of these graphs kill me. "Tom Cruise keeps getting older but his love interests stay the same age." -Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused, slightly paraphrased
  4. Very Irate Review of The Cheesecake Factory
    I saw this on the Internet and thought it was funny because it's about MY Cheesecake Factory
  5. Google Translation of a Tweet Someone Sent My Friend and Me
    I was attempting to decipher what this guy was saying. Jury's still out.
  6. Picture Posted on Pete Davidson's Instagram
    I love Pete and I'm so happy he has found love with the daughter of comedian Larry David, but is this an actual tattoo? If so I am v disappointed. Fingers crossed that he just wrote it on his skin with ballpoint pen.
  7. Map to a Book in Hesburgh Library
    I'm not sure why I did this. I did not check this book out.
  8. Photo Posted on a High School Acquaintance's Instagram
    Not sure what's going on here. Took the screenshot to share with my friend so we could experience his insanity together. Good to know we have an ally in the ongoing fight against ISIS. Slightly concerning that he would invite them here. Would much prefer if he brought the fight to them. (Except not really because he would die)