The definitive ranking of all Star Trek movies, by Michaela

I know this list has been highly anticipated. Check back soon for my opinion on the new one! It probably won't be good. Can't wait!
  1. 12.
    I think all Star Trek fans agree that this movie was a pretty big disappointment. Even an absurdly young and bald Tom Hardy can't redeem it.
  2. 11.
    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
    Watched this once a long time ago. Don't remember too much but my mom hates it and I trust her.
  3. 10.
    Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    Pretty much the same story with this one. Not very memorable.
  4. 9.
    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    This one isn't the franchise at it's best, but it's kind of fun. Iman is this weird shape shifting prisoner and Samantha from Sex in the City is a Vulcan, which is fun because I honestly can't think of anything else I've ever seen her in?
  5. 8.
    Star Trek Into Darkness
    This movie was kind of cool! Made a little less sense than the first reboot. Also I don't understand the casting of Khan?? But whatever
  6. 7.
    Star Trek: Insurrection
    You may ask: why is this one up so high? The answer: I was obsessed with it when I was little. Not sure why. Loved the kid's little alien hamster thing.
  7. 6.
    Star Trek Generations
    Ah, the passing of the torch! Gratifying for fans to see the two captains interact. They were both wearing tights during the horse scenes.
  8. 5.
    Star Trek: First Contact
    I'm a fan of this one! I love how the farmer from Babe needs his Steppenwolf music to go into space. Also the Borg are always scary (in a good way). There's some real suspense and action in this one.
  9. 4.
    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
    I really enjoy watching DeForest Kelly's acting when Spock's spirit is inhabiting him. Other highlights: the crazy pagan ritual at the end, a peek into Vulcans' love lives, and treason committed by the entire Enterprise crew.
  10. 3.
    Star Trek
    Breathed some fresh air into our beloved franchise. Absolutely FLAWLESS casting, (RIP Anton Yelchin) and they gave the characters some more sass (as if they didn't have enough already) There are some particularly badass moments that I can't get enough of, namely Spock's "fuck you" to the Vulcan Academy of Science. Also, Chris Hemsworth is Kirk's dad???? I think this is right before he made it big. Who'd a thunk he'd go on to be the hot secretary in Ghostbusters??
  11. 2.
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    So good. This movie is a total joyride. The antagonist is charismatic and scary. The stakes feel real. And the cast is at their best. Kirstie Alley showing up is super exciting, but they had to recast her in the next ones when she made it big in Cheers. Stupid.
  12. 1.
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    The crown jewel. This is honestly one of my favorite movies of all time. Part of that is straight nostalgia, but the rest is the fantastical plot combined with the characters' willingness to laugh at themselves. No one could take this movie too seriously when its plot involves traveling back to the 80s to bring two humpback whales to the 23rd century to save the world from an evil probe. But luckily, you don't need to take it seriously to love it.